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Thea Bjerg

Thea Bjerg, textile art

Born in Copenhagen in 1960
Studies at the Denmark Design Academy among others
Own studio since 1987
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Exhibitions (selection)

London, Amsterdam, Washington, Toronto, Peking, Glasgow, Mexico City. In Germany, among others: museum of art and industry, Hamburg

"Meister der Moderne", Munich
2006 Eröffnungsausstellung Gallery WERFT11 Cologne
2007 Objects of Desire Gallery, Kentucky USA
2008 Gallery Rosenhauer, Göttingen

Awards (selection)

2000 "Nagoya Design DO" Japanese silver medal
2003 "Kold Christensens Haederslegat" great Danish craftsman’s prize

"AQUATIC" art book of the year and Papyrus Award, Denmark. Design of costumes and stage decorations for the Royal Danish Theatre and the Danish Opera.
2006 Collection of pleated cloths for the MOMA museum shop in New York.

On first glance, Thea Bjerg’s pleated scarves appear to be textile sculptures. Once they are physically held, however, the artistic folds and layers begin to move fluidly.

Masterfully folded, the scarves straddle the lines between accessories, textiles, and fashion.

Thea Bjerg’s works are rooted in the tradition of Danish textile art. Using state-of-the-art techniques such as laser-cutting and ultrasonics, she is able to create diaphanous, sensuous accessories.

Fotos: Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgreen